There are two goals of monitoring: - Achieve situational awareness to provide timely and effective responses and - Gain insights for the business, development, and operations that enable proactive courses of action.

In this workshop, we take you through the process of developing and implementing a workload monitoring strategy to achieve these objectives. You will learn how to:

  1. Build a monitoring plan

  2. Implement the plan using AWS Services:

    • Configure telemetry sources using AWS Systems Manager Run Command and Parameter Store
    • Collect telemetry using Amazon CloudWatch Logs
    • Setup metrics and thresholds using Amazon CloudWatch Log-Filter Metrics
    • Configure alarms to fire when metric thresholds are crossed using Amazon CloudWatch Alarms
    • Setup notifications topics and subscriptions using Amazon Simple Notification Service
    • Configure automated responses using AWS Lambda

This lab will demonstrate how to alert on major categories of events, monitor for operational outcomes, trigger responses, and deliver insights.