ECS DevOps

AWS Service Catalog ECS DevOps Portfolio

This lab creates an AWS Service Catalog Portfolio called “Service Catalog Containers Reference Architecture”
The Portfolio provides 3 products which will create a full DevOps deployment pipeline from code to container deployment in Fargate.

  1. Create the portfolio using the Launchstack: CreateStack
  2. Provision the cluster and codepipeline products from Service Catalog.
  3. The provisioned codepipeline product will create a new CodeCommit repo.
    a. Add your code, docker file, and tests.
    a. Adjust the skeleton builspecs in the codepipeline/ subfolder to fit your project tests and build commands.
    b. Check-in the code to the new codecommit repo. CodePipeline will validate, build according to the buildspec files.
    c. If all stages complete then CodePipeline will push the container to ECR.
  4. Once the container is in ECR you can provision the supplied Fargate Service product in Service Catalog.
    This will create an ECS Service which is launched in the previously provisioned Fargate Cluster. You may then view your new service using the ExternalUrl output parameter from the ECS Cluster product.

See the Reference Architecture for more templates and files.